InCircle™ is indicated for the thermal coagulation and ablation of soft tissue including coagulative necrosis in solid organs and partial or complete ablation of nonresectable liver lesions.

InCircle is the first in a line of next generation bipolar tumor ablation tools capable of creating up to 7 cm diameter ablation areas without the need for complicated fluid delivery systems or risky return electrodes.

High Speed RFA

InCircle uses proprietary high speed ablation technologies (High Speed RFA) to reduce ablation times to a fraction of conventional monopolar systems. The InCircle technology accomplishes this by creating an energy field that actually implodes into the treatment area. In a recent clinical trial1 InCircle™ was shown to create a series of ablation zones in record times:

  • 3.5 cm diameter ablations in approximately 3 minutes
  • 5 cm diameter ablation in approximately 5 minutes
  • 7 cm diameter ablations in approximately 12 minutes

Device placement has never been easier.
Our exclusive Ultrasound Guidance Lock™ system, allows the use of ultrasound to directly visualize and center on the target area. Once locked on target, the InCircle™ is easily advanced to the perfect location.

Patient safety is foremost in our designs.
Bipolar systems do not use return electrodes and have more efficient energy distribution at the tumor site so lower power settings can be used in comparison with conventional monopolar RF systems. This means safer procedures with lower power settings, no skin pads and no skin pad burns.

By avoiding contact with the tumor at all stages in the procedure, you can minimize the risk of tumor seeding.

InCircle™ uses standard radiofrequency generators without the need for complicated pumps, tubes, fluids or return electrodes. It is likely your institution already has the capital equipment you need to use InCircle™.

No pumps-No skin pads-No problems

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